Fashion File: What to Wear When You’re Sick of Your Winter Parka

Winter in Toronto is cold and long and in order to stay warm and comfortable while being able to enjoy outdoor activities, the daily commute, and just the regular outings that one is used to, you have to own one good parka. Now, while wearing a comfy jacket that keeps you warm in the cold couldn’t sound any better, reaching out for the exact same item for what seems an eternity can get a bit boring.

So, assuming you get bored of wearing your parka just as I do, here are 4 dressing tips for those days when you’re sick of wearing your trusty down jacket.

ONE: Think layers, and the warmer the better. Here’s one way to layer: start with a long sleeved tee, add a shirt or top, then a cozy sweater (wool or cashmere based if possible as it will add tons of warmth, here’s one and another one), a jacket (could be a denim jacket, a faux suede one, even a thick cardigan) and finish it up with a coat. While I admit I do get stuck in the everyday sweater + jacket combo, sometimes is fun to be a little bit creative and break that mold by layering different pieces that ultimately will feel like a breath of fresh air 😉

TWO: Consider layering jackets and coats. While I do understand that some coats don’t have the same sleeve opening and room as others, there are ones that allow you to layer them, you just have to try and see what works and what feels comfortable (after all you want to be able to move your arms right?!). If you find that you’re not able to fit your arms in double coats, one styling tip is to wear one and drape the second over your shoulders 😉 I particularly love layering a denim (even this one which as a denim lover find amazing during the cold months) or leather jacket under a wool or faux fur coat. 

THREE: Pay attention to the fabrics you’re wearing. You’ll get away wearing a wool coat or thinner jacket over your parka if you wear a good quality sweater that keeps you incredibly warm. Whenever I feel like wearing one of my wool coats or jackets I know that this sweater for example will give me tons of warmth. 

FOUR: Consider tech undergarments as your base layer! My friend Victoria swears by this collection throughout winter and while I don’t wear the pieces on a regular basis, I love them and find them very useful for outdoor activities like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking, etc. For some added warmth try wearing something like this, this or this under your sweater 😉