Life File: Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a great saturday and that your weekend is going great! Please find below some interesting reads and cool finds I came across this week! I’ll be taking it easy this rainy day, taking my rest seriously, and prepping as much as I can so that the week runs as smooth as possible 🙂

. If you haven’t watched Heal on Netflix, I highly recommend you do.
. 8 drinks that help you build strong bones.
. Cool hacks for all of your favourite Ikea products.
. Handy guide for when fruits and veggies are in season (so you can save $$).
. 11 essential oils and their secret powers.
. Don’t throw away your candle jars, do this instead (I definitely need to take notes!)
. 10 scandinavian brands you absolutely need to know about.
. Nuts are full of fat and calories, and you should probably eat more of them (thank God because I LOVE nuts and seeds!)
. 20 resistance band exercises to strengthen your entire body.
. The correct order to apply skincare products.

. Love this dress!
. When style and pattern make one great top!
. If you’re into boho decor, Urban Outfitters has tons of amazing pieces! Look at this pillow, this throw, this (so cute for a nursery), these pillows, this blanket….Go check it all out!
. These and these sneakers are so good! I own a couple of their shoes and they are very comfortable.
. These pants look so comfy for Summer!
. What a gorgeous dress!
. Three suuuuper cute tops for Summer: one, two, three.
. These joggers would be perfect for weekends and traveling in style 😉
. Here are some cute sandals worth checking out!
. This is the cutest set: top, bottom.