Life File: Postcards from Beautiful British Columbia

I want to share with you some photos from British Columbia as my visit has been pretty spectacular! There’s no doubt this place is heaven for those who love the outdoors and I’ve been enjoying every second and not taking for granted the beautiful mountain views we’ve been witnessing, especially during the weekend.

With my foot injury (everything points to a stress fracture on my metatarsal bone, but there’s still no confirmation) and not being able to walk much for the last couple weeks I was worried about the hikes and adventures I’d be able to take on this time. I’ve been swimming at a community centre near by and I’ve been trying not to walk much but as the weekend rolled in I found it hard to resist a little hike (eek!) I mean, how can someone resist not going for a hike here? On Saturday we drove to Deep Cove and I thought I’d give going up Quarry Rock a try since it’s not a long hike…. to my surprise my foot handled it better than what I expected (yay!). I still had to be extremely careful going down (the problem comes when I flex my foot and propel myself forward), but it was enjoyable and I wasn’t in much pain 🙂

Then on Sunday we drove all the way up to Joffre Lakes in Pemberton where we wandered around a bit less than expected as it was colder than anticipated (I was freezing!). Nevertheless, the views we enjoyed were absolutely stunning and walking on the snow did not give me any pain at all. Below you’ll find some shots we took, hope you enjoy them!