Weekend Reads and Finds

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Happy weekend everyone, hope you’re all off to a great start! I’ve been absolutely LOVING my time in Vancouver, especially because the city is full of cherry blossoms and there’s so much greenery! I couldn’t have planned it better even if I tried! Please find below some reads I believe are good to check out and some finds of the week plus some great weekend sales. Enjoy your weekend!


. 8 Reasons Magnesium is such a miracle mineral.

. If you say yes to any of these questions, science says you’re much happier than you think.

. The simple productivity hack to getting more done in less time.

. Has anyone started taking collagen? If you’re not taking any supplement, here are 8 foods to consider adding to your diet for healthy joints.

. Doing this in the morning can make you a productivity machine all day long.

. An interior designer explains which 5 colours go with grey.

. 7 foods that give you glowing skin and a flatter stomach.

. If you’re always on the hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe (I am!), here’s a comprehensive and detailed comparison of all versions imaginable.

. Craving sweets? These 34 vegan desserts will make you forget that dairy even exists.

. 5 effective ways to overcome setbacks in life.


. This is the cutest beach cover-up and this is so versatile!

. I’m not even a big fan of red but I absolutely love this.

. Just bought this top from Old Navy and let met tell, you, you’ll probably like it in more than just one colour and pattern (like this one).

. Shoes are up to 50% off at J.Crew (use code STEPITUP) Some absolute faves and great styles to own (you’ll wear them over and over) are these sandals, these, these, these flats, and these pumps.

. The cutest jumpsuit.

. Don’t forget that until May 6th you get extra points when you shop at Sephora! I highlighted my all-time faves earlier this week.

. How cool is this bag?

. Get 30% off all regular priced items and extra 40% off all sale at Banana Republic. This is a basic style of shoe to own (I talked about it on yesterday’s post), these are super comfy, love these, and these are perfect for Summer. And if you’re looking for the perfect Summer go-to tank, this one looks amazing.