The Best Stud Earrings for Everyday Wear

ear party

Jewelry trends come and go but if theres’s one style that’s always “in” is the minimal kind (pretty much like your wardrobe staples). Whether I’m layering necklaces, stacking rings, or sporting an ear party, the two things I love the most about wearing delicate pieces is that they are highly practical (I don’t even have to bother to take them off when I go to sleep) and that regardless of your fashion style, they go with anything you wear. Plus, can we all agree that there’s no easier way to rock some bling in an understated way than with some dainty pieces?

I have talked about layering delicate necklaces here so I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favourite go-to brands for earrings for those of you who also love simple and understated jewelry. And even though I can go weeks (if not months) wearing the same “ear party” (sometimes I’ll just switch up one or two of the five piercings I have), I’m always looking for cool pieces to add to my collection. One of my fave go-to’s is Mejuri (based here in Toronto) but I also love everything from Melanie Auld, Catbird, and just recently discovered Maison Miru. Below I rounded-up some really cool everyday studs in case you want to take your ear game to next level or feel inspired to get a new piercing! PS: I’m wearing this cuff, a personal diamond stud, this teardrop and this evil eye stud.

1. Catbird The Tiniest Pearl Studs | 2. Melanie Auld Diamond Heart Studs | 3. Melanie Auld Ergo Studs | 4. Mejuri Evil Eye Studs | 5. Mejuri Spheres Bar Studs | 6. Mejuri Single Mini Hoop | 7. Catbird The Tiniest Studs | 8. Melanie Auld Elipses Studs  | 9. Mejuri Moon Studs | 10. Maison Miru Pave Moon and Lightning Studs | 11. Maison Miru Evil Eye Studs | 12. Mejuri Huggies | 13. Maison Miru Gaia Crystal Studs | 14. Maison Miru Mini Eternity Hoop Earrings | 15. Catbird Little Secret Studs | 16. Mejuri Cluster Sphere Studs | 17. Maison Miru Little Bar Studs | 18. Melanie Auld Coveted white Sapphire Studs | 19. Melanie Auld Pave Huggies | 20. Sashi Trinity Stud Earrings | 21. Mejuri Evil Eye Studs | 22. Mejuri Mini Lotus Studs | 23. Maison Miru Tiny Crystal Studs | 24. Bluboho Little Lightning Bolt Earrings