The Best Fall Blazers for Every Budget

Zara Plaid Blazer

Whether it’s plaid or solid, single our double-breasted, a great blazer is the perfect way to update your Fall wardrobe and take your looks up a notch so today I’m sharing the best 20 options for all budgets. Blazers are not only a great layering alternative while it’s still not coat weather, but they can up your outfit game (even if it’s a simple tee/denim/sneaker combo) and instantly make you look polished and put together. Wear them now over your favourite tees and later on over warmer pieces.

I have blazers from various brands but I have to say that Zara always has great pieces at equally great prices; if your budget is a bit tighter then H&M will not let you down (in fact I was at the store yesterday and was impressed with many of the blazers I saw), and if on the other hand, you can stretch your budget a bit more, I’d recommend picking up something at Aritzia. I guess one easy way to define the three different budget tiers would be:

Low-Range: Old Navy (love this one!) and H&M.

Mid-Range: Gap, Zara.

Higher-Range: Aritzia, J.Crew.

See below my top 20 Fall blazer picks for every budget!

Must Have Fall Blazers

1.  Babaton Samuel Check Blazer | 2. J.Crew Regent Blazer in Wool | 3. Gap Classic Houndstooth Girlfriend Blazer | 4. Madewell Caldwell Double-Breasted Blazer in Plaid | 5. H&M Jacket | 6. H&M Double Breasted Jacket | 7. H&M Long Jacket | 8. Gap Modern Plaid Blazer | 9. J.Crew Parke Blazer | 10. Wilfred Margaux Blazer | 11. J.Crew Parke Blazer in Wool | 12. Everlane The Oversized Blazer | 13. Zara Blazer with Flap Pockets | 14. H&M Double Breasted Jacket | 15. Babaton Samuel Check Blazer | 16. H&M Double Breasted Jacket | 17. Wilfred Margaux Blazer | 18. Zara Double-Breasted Blazer | 19. H&M Double Breasted Jacket | 20. Gap Modern Wool-Blend Blazer