All About My Favourite Go-To Denim Styles from Madewell

When it comes to denim I’m pretty loyal to the brands that get me in the fit, style and fabric department, and even though I’d try different brands if the opportunity presents, I know that I can absolutely trust my usual go-to’s. Being a denim lover, there’s nothing like finding that one brand that you can ALWAYS count on no matter the style you’re after. This only happens to me with Madewell and Citizens (I also love Gap skinny jeans but the fit across all their styles is not as consistent as it is with these other two) so today I’d like to give you the scoop on all my favourite go-to denim styles from Madewell in the hopes it helps you decide which style and fit is best for you and perhaps make you a fan of the brand too?

I own quite a few pairs and different styles (have ordered online probably half of them if not more!) and I’d say that generally speaking they do fit true to size (I wear size 27 and with the exception of two styles I’ve found their sizing very consistent). For us here in Canada we unfortunately only have the option to trust our selection (you can shop them on Madewell, Nordstrom, and Shopbop) or in some cases swing by Nordstrom and see if they have anything available that helps you decide. Hopefully this “guide” will be useful for you but if you have any questions you can always just send them my way.

The 9″ Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

best madewell denim

With the above being said, I’ll start saying that my absolute favourite style is the 9″ mid-rise skinny jean. Whether is in black, light denim, dark denim, with a raw hem, cropped, ripped with buttons or not, I find this style the most flattering on my body and the one I like the most. Definitely my go-to and the style I wear the most. Above and below is the 9″ skinny jeans button-front edition (it’s old but it’s pretty much like this one and this one wash-wise). See it worn here, here and here too.

The one you see below is the 9″ mid-rise skinny jeans in berkeley black (available here too and worn here and here too). If you prefer a 10″ rise, you can find it here and here. I love the raw hem, but if you’re looking for a classic and clean style you can give this one a go.

The 9″ Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Hayes Wash Button-Front Edition (available here too) is my most recent addition and what I particularly love about this one is its darker wash. It’s a clean cut perfect for more dressier occasions, moments when you still want to wear denim but sort of dress it up a bit, look more professional you know? Here’s another wash that’s very similar.

If you prefer no buttons, then you can try these or these (as seen below). The blue one is very similar to this (the only exception is the raw hem) and the black one is this one (wash is black sea). You can see them on here and here too.

10″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Cordova Wash Button-Front Edition

Above is the 10″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Cordova Wash Button-Front Edition. The fabric of these is suuuuper soft but without loosing structure and I’d add that I could have probably sized down to a 26 as I find it a tiny bit big at the waist, but then I don’t know if the tighter fit on the legs would have been comfortable.

The Wide-Leg Crop Jeans Button-Front Edition

Last year I got the Wide-Leg Crop Jeans in Lunar Wash Button-Front Edition (available here too, and in the hayes wash here) and really like the relaxed vibe they give. Easy to wear with sandals, sneakers or heels. I would have definitely got them in 26 if it wasn’t that I ordered them online as I find them a tad big at the waist. Length wise they are perfect though.