The Best Anything-But-Boring Sweaters

The Best anything-but-boring sweaters

Since sweater weather is definitely here, I have compiled 16 anything-but-boring sweaters to get you through the season in style! These will, without doubt, up your outfit game and take things up a notch thanks to their patterns, details and rich textures.

While classic and neutral sweaters are great to have as part of your cold weather wardrobe arsenal, the easiest way to keep things interesting on days when a pick-me-up is needed is definitely with a chic and somewhat unexpected piece. From leopard and tiger prints to stripes and dots, below are sixteen options that take the boring out of Fall and Winter dressing and that you should definitely put on your radar.

The Best anything-but-boring sweaters

1. Woven Heart Leopard Pullover| 2. Madewell Cashmere Sweatshirt in Vernon Stripe | 3. Madewell Brockton Bobble Sweater in Coziest Yarn | 4. Wildfox Tatum Preppy Kitty Sweater | 5. Zara Sweater with Ties | 6. H&M Jacquard-knit Sweater | 7. Madewell Texture & Thread Boxy Bobble Cardigan | 8. Madewell Shrunken Pullover Sweater in Tiger Stripe | 9. Zara Animal Print Sweater | 10. H&M Jacquard-knit Sweater | 11. J.Crew Long-sleeve everyday cashmere crewneck sweater in navy leopard | 12. H&M Jacquard-knit Sweater | 13. Madewell Deville Cardigan Sweater in Tiger Stripe | 14. Madewell Crewneck Pullover Sweater in Leopard | 15. H&M Knit Sweater with Beads | 16. H&M Jacquard-knit Sweater