Weekend Reads and Finds

weekend reads and finds

Happy Saturday everyone, hope your weekend is off to a good start! I can’t believe is November already, this year (and decade) is almost gone! Below you’ll find some reads and articles I found interesting this week plus some great finds I thought would be great sharing. Hope you all have an amazing weekend! Let’s hope is a dry one!


. 8 natural supplements to help fight inflammation.

. This serum has 8,000 reviews on Amazon and apparently works wonders (read about it here).

. Turns out upping your step count everyday can benefit this very part of your life.

. 10 ways to start taking care of your brain, no matter how old you are.

. What you might not know about raw sugar.

. 23 ways to make a delicious kale salad.

. Easy vegetarian foods to incorporate in your diet if you want to eat less meat.

. 11 vegan foods a nutritionist buys at Trader Joe’s.

. The HIIT abs workout you can do in just 10 minutes.

. 50 wellness-inspired activities to check off your Fall bucket list.


. Just bought these boots (sold here too) and their rubber sole makes them the comfiest. They run true to size just so you know.

. This looks suuuper cozy!

. Looking for faux-leather leggings? These look great!

. Three super cool animal print sweaters: one, two, three.

. Super cute in all three colours.

. Not your basic coat.

. This looks cute.

. Two great pieces to wear for the Holiday season that are pretty versatile and won’t break the bank: one and two.

. Classic black booties on sale.

. My favourite style of non-running Nike shoes.