My Christmas gift: a scavenger hunt game.

With my clues in hand I start to search for tickets.

I carefully read each clue and start searching around our apartment. I can totally do this, only 12 tickets and already have one, it should be a piece of cake.

First clue: Bayon

While we were in Cambodia last year we bought this wooden sculpture of faces that resemble a well known temple in Angkor Wat (Cambodia) called “Bayon”. So this one was easy. 1 ticket, 10 to go (remember Santa gave one as motivation)

Second clue: Check in the community chest

My first thought was to look into every single chest I have, 3 to be exact. But nothing. I keep looking and looking but couldn’t find anything, until I get it: it’s in the Monopoly! Got a bonus, 2 tickets! 8 to go.

Third clue: If you look under Antarctica you may find something you need
Easy peasy, our globe! 5 tickets in hand,  7 to go.

Fourth Clue: Fantastic Mr. Fox
Immediately I reach for Matthew’s little red fox that I bought from Etsy that sits on his bedroom chair but surprisingly there’s nothing. Then I look up and remember that there is another fox in his bedroom, it’s a framed illustration that also bought from Etsy. 6 tickets, 6 to go.

Fifth clue: Watch out for the London Bobby

Another easy one. We have this frame we bought in London hanging on the wall of the guest bathroom. 7 tickets, 5 to go. Half way done 🙂

Sixth Clue: In Howard’s park there is a small tree where a winged snake likes to hang out. It will help you on your quest

I have no idea of this one. It’s taking me a while, actually while looking for “the community chest” in my bedroom I realize what it means: I have this wine box as my bedside table from an Australian winery called Howard’s Park. Naturally, it’s inside. 8 tickets, 4 to go.

Seventh clue: Bocce

We have a bocce set downstairs in our locker room but I really can’t believe that “Santa” is sending me all the way down to Parking level 1 where our storage locker is, so I start to look for any kind of balls around the apartment….unfortunately nothing. I decide to skip.

Eight clue: Grab your husband a cup of Joe for only 5 cents at the coffee shop
My first thought is our coffee can….no coupon. Then I start looking under and inside every single cup and mug……no coupon. Then, I see it clearly: Our coffee sign in the kitchen! 9 coupons, 3 to go.

Ninth clue: Bronzed pachyderm
An easy one! there’s only one evident place to look in: our bronzed elephant sculpture. Woohoo, 10 coupons, only 2 left.

But wait a minute, there is only one clue left, the Bocce one. I refuse to go downstairs so I go and take a shower. While I prepare some food for our Christmas brunch Husband insists on me going down for my ticket. So I get my boots and jacket on and head to the locker room. Jackpot! 2 tickets!

 All tickets in hand:

Can I have my gift now? Pretty please?


Is a Macbook Pro!! Totally worth the “hard work” right? But honestly, what I liked the most about my gift was all the time and dedication my husband put towards it, that was really the BEST part of my gift, lucky me 😉